Fit2Globalize App

The Fit2Globalize™ method helps companies to assess all the relevant factors associated with the business development in an export market. Using this method, companies can analyze the relevant information in order to develop a country-specific market strategy.

Fit2Globalize™ supports you to

  • Assess the attractiveness of an export market you are active in
  • Assess your ability to win in this market- including the assessment of your distribution partner

Based on your answers you will get four results

  • Overview of your assessment of market attractiveness and ability to win
  • Comparison of assessment of up to three people
  • Positioning of the export market in the "market attractiveness / ability to win" matrix
  • SWOT: Major Opportunities/Threats, Strengths and Weaknesses based on your answers

The results of this assessment are used to define improvement projects to be more successful in the export market.